Do You Need A Moisture Barrier Under Vinyl Plank Flooring?

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Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice among Americans. They are elegant and can mimic natural wooden colors perfectly. If you are thinking about getting vinyl plank flooring, then you might wonder if you need a moisture barrier under your vinyl plank flooring or not.

Moisture barriers are needed when you are installing floors in damp-prone areas. If you are installing your vinyl plank flooring on a direct concrete floor, then you will need a moisture barrier. But if you are installing your vinyl plank flooring over an existing floor with tiles or wood then you don’t need a moisture barrier, but you can still use it for extra precaution.

If you are still unsure about whether you need a moisture barrier under vinyl plank or not, keep on reading. We will be discussing more it briefly.

So, let’s get started.

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When Do You Need A Moisture Barrier?

Water vaporization is a common process. At homes, this can cause damage and encourage mold growth. Floorings can get easily damaged if you don’t use a moisture barrier. Moisture barriers create a preventative layer for floorings.

Without moisture barriers, your flooring might get affected by mold and mildew. Moisture barriers are used when installing floors in damp-prone areas.

If you are thinking of getting your floors installed, talk to the experts about the moisture barrier and what they suggest. We would suggest you always use a moisture barrier before installing floors.

This preventive layer will help your floors to stay protected. There are some things you need to consider before getting a moisture barrier such as:

The Climate Of Your Area

If the climate around you is not favorable, meaning if you have a high-humidity climate then you should get a moisture barrier for your floors.

Certain Area Of Your Home

Some parts of our homes are moisture prone than others, like the basement, kitchen, etc. so you should get moisture barriers for them.

Structure Of Your House

According to the structure of your house and the water lines, your consulted professional will inspect the house and tell you if you need a moisture barrier or not.

Floor Material

If you have a concrete floor and nothing above it then you will need a moisture barrier.

What Is The Best Material To Put Under Vinyl Plank Flooring?

As you know Vinyl plank floors are luxurious, they can increase the interior value of any house. The material you have to put under your Vinyl Plank flooring will depend on the areas of your house.

For Wood Sub floorings:

Wood subfloors do not need a lot of caution. But you might need an underlayment to act as a cushion for your floors. This will also help you to reduce the sounds and echoes.

For Concrete Sub floorings:

Moisture barriers are a must need for concrete floors. Adding moisture barriers in concrete floors will soften the floor to walk in and it will also prevent the moisture from damaging the Vinyl Planks.

Existing floorings:

If you have to install vinyl planks over your existing floors with tiles, then you do not need a moisture barrier. Moisture will not be an issue for you.

Final Words

Moisture barriers are needed for extra precautions. Even if you are unsure about whether you need them or not, you can always add them as an extra preventive layer.

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